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"Art is a revelation and ceramics is a prophecy of the mind made real in the kiln."

- Marilyn Lizarraga


Are you interested in the world of ceramics? Do you think ceramics is complicated? Do you want to learn how to make your own clay pieces?
This is your ideal site! Here you will find all the information about handmade pottery and we will make your experience as a crafter and consumer easier.

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Tools and Materials

Lathes, kilns, brushes, clays, cutters... Sounds complicated, right? But it is not, here you can find all about it and answer all your questions about the tools and materials you should use to make ceramics.

Crafts, Tutorials and Tips

Would you like to make your own ceramic pot or plate but don't know how? Here you will learn how to make many pottery pieces. You will also learn how to make your own clay and how to decorate it for your personal style.

About Ceramics

No matter if you are a beginner or an expert in ceramics, here you will find very interesting information about this practice, from its history and techniques to its most outstanding trends and artists.

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