Pottery on YouTube – The 6 best channels

Xavier Claus

The first YouTube channel we recommend is Xavier Claur . The channel is named after its protagonist. You will find videos and instructions about handmade ceramics. The original name of the course is Curso de Cerámica : Los Secretos De Los Mejores Artesanos .

His host Xavier is the friendliest person in the world and has over 30 years of ceramics experience. He’s a real expert.

The channel comes from Spain and its creator hails from the Spanish city of Valencia. Xavier is well known in this place thanks to his talent. The channel is in Spanish.

Currently, this channel has more than around 70 thousand subscribers and more than 300 videos. Two videos are uploaded per month.

Xavier Claur also offers a fee-based course on his website.

What do you learn on Xavier Claur ‘s YouTube channel ?

In this ceramics course you will find information, recommendations, advice, tips and guidance on the topic of handmade ceramics. Below is a list of the general content of this course:

  • Ceramic kiln
  • Pottery kiln
  • Molds in the ceramics industry
  • Manufacture of pottery using molds
  • Manufacture of ceramic pieces
  • Painting ceramic pieces
  • Use of turning tools
  • Cleaning stains on ceramics
  • Repair of cracks in ceramic plates
  • Glazing ceramics
  • Manufacture of clay
  • Firing of ceramic pieces
  • Screen printing techniques
  • Ceramic lettering
  • Cutting ceramics
  • Production of large pieces of ceramics
  • Painted parts
  • Shine of the pieces
  • Removal of glaze pores
  • Preparation of the glaze
  • Various answers to students (these are videos by Xavier Claur that answer the most common questions students have about ceramics).

Espacio Dual Ceramica

Our second recommendation is the Espacio Dual Cerámica canal . This channel has existed for 2 years and has about 20 thousand subscribers. This channel is owned by César Torres, a Spaniard.

The channel currently has around 50 videos that are between 4 and 20 minutes long.

We would also like to emphasize a very important point. Comments and doubts in the videos are answered with accuracy and great professionalism.

What can you learn from César Torres’ YouTube channel?

  • Basic modeling techniques
  • Production of trays using the churros technique
  • How to operate the potter’s wheel
  • Manufacture of molds
  • Production of ceramic pieces (lids, plates, jugs)
  • Decorating ceramic pieces
  • Clay recycling

Parque Del Conocimiento

The Parque Del Conocimiento channel has been in existence for 3 years and currently has more than 6 thousand subscribers.

The channel was created to document all activities at Av Ulises Lopez, N3300 Posadas, Misiones , Argentina.

Although this channel covers many topics like dance, music, theater, science and many more, it is included in the list of our recommended channels with handmade pottery classes.

In this channel you will find the course Ceramics at home from scratch, in the playlist “Artes del Fuego “.

This course is taught by Ebal Gastaldo , the coordinator of the Fire Arts section in the Parque Del Conocimiento and Professor of Ceramic Technology at the Faculty of Arts in Oberá at the National University of Misiones .

The course includes a total of 39 videos on various topics of handmade ceramics. Each video lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

What can you learn on the Parque Del Conocimiento YouTube channel ?

  • Preparation and improvement of sound
  • Kneading techniques
  • Types of ceramic masses
  • Characteristics of ceramics
  • Shaping and turning tools
  • Manufacture of molds
  • Techniques for making ceramic pieces
  • Manufacture of ceramic pieces
  • Engobes
  • Glazing
  • Pigmentation
  • Textures and reliefs
  • Surface treatment techniques
  • Using the potter’s wheel
  • Oxide patinas

I Municipalidad Lo Barnechea

This channel is dedicated to the publication of various videos and content related to the municipality of Lo Barnechea , Chile. He currently counts more than 12 thousand subscribers.

The class will be taught by Samuel Droguett , a well-known local potter with his own workshop where he creates his ceramic pieces.

What do you learn on the YouTube channel of I Municipalidad Lo Barnechea ?

  • Techniques for making ceramics
  • Tools and utensils for making ceramics
  • Properties of clay
  • Biscuit Techniques
  • Drying techniques
  • Issues with crafting some ceramic pieces
  • Triage process
  • Glazing
  • Reclamation of clay
  • Manufacture of ceramic dishes
  • How to stamp clay

The second workshop offered on the same channel shows ceramic sculpture. This course is taught by Carol Bloj , a ceramic sculptor from this area of Chile who also has her own workshop.

The course consists of 12 videos, each lasting between 13 and 40 minutes.

course content

  • Types of clays
  • Tools for making pottery
  • Ceramic kiln
  • Clay preparation
  • Kneading clay
  • Engobe technique
  • Lulo technique
  • Manufacture of ceramic objects for the home
  • Honing
  • Slab technique
  • Dry
  • Curing of clay
  • Glazing the pieces
  • Burning pieces

Taller Baco

The channel was set up with the aim of giving virtual courses in the workshop that bears the same name as the channel. This workshop is located at Paraguay 5458, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

There are currently 23 videos and over 2 thousand subscribers.

The videos are shot by two Argentinians: Alejo Tosar and Maru Jorge, both ceramics teachers at Taller Baco .

What can you learn from Taller Baco’s YouTube channel?

  • How to set up a pottery workshop at home
  • Ironing technique
  • How to make different ceramic pieces
  • Engobes
  • Honing with engobes
  • Chorizo technique
  • Transfers from photocopies to ceramics
  • Modeling an animal in clay
  • Ceramic colored pencils
  • Bubble effect in ceramic
  • Manufacture of plaster molds for ceramics


This channel has existed for 2 years and has more than 25 thousand subscribers.

The channel is owned by an Argentine with more than 15 years of experience in the field of ceramics. A workshop is located in Mar de la Plata, Argentina.

The length of the videos is between 3 minutes and an hour.

What can you learn on the HUELLASENELBARRO Cerámica YouTube channel ?

  • Ceramic pastes
  • Ceramic Modeling
  • Decoration with engobes
  • Construction of a kiln
  • Ceramic Stamps
  • Manufacture of ceramic pieces
  • Coil technology
  • Dry rope technique
  • Preparation of the glaze
  • Mold making
  • Defects in the glazing
  • Types of clays
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