12 crafts you can make with ceramics

Ceramic costume jewelry

Costume jewelry is items that serve as fashion accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, rings, bags, glasses, and more.

Before we show some examples of ceramic costume jewelry here, you should first know the difference between costume jewelry and jewelry.

Jewelry is the aforementioned items that are made from expensive and delicate materials such as silver or gold and precious stones, while costume jewelry is all pieces made from less expensive but delicate materials such as porcelain, wires, fabrics, nylon, steel, and others materials are produced.

However, in fashion jewelry, one can also add materials used in jewelry to give them a touch of elegance and sophistication.

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Ceramic fridge magnets

Fridge magnets are a must in the kitchen as they serve as decoration and make the fridge look eye-catching and unique.

Ceramics can be used to create hundreds of images for the fridge, from animals, fruits, and flowers to food, landscapes, and dolls in chef’s hats.

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Ceramic memorabilia

Gatherings or parties have been known to distribute mementos chosen by the host for their guests. And as the name suggests, these are motifs that are taken away by the guests as a reminder of the date or the special occasion that was celebrated on a specific day.

Birthdays are usually remembered, e.g. Examples include a woman’s 15th birthday (common in southern countries and Latin America), baptisms, marriages, confirmations, first communions, graduations, and baby showers.

Ceramic dolls

Pottery can be made in an infinite number of shapes, which is why you can find many dolls made out of clay these days. It can be used to make dolls that can be used to decorate houses or even as a gift for someone special.

These pieces can be personalized and decorated as you wish so that they can even become the representation of cultures, i.e. they can have typical clothing or physical characteristics specific to a certain part of the world.

Ceramic religious figures

Religious figures can also be made of ceramics. These pieces are usually large and require a lot of practice.

The most common religious figures are those of the virgins, followed by the divine Christ Child, and the nativity scenes composed of the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, the Christ Child, the three wise men and their camels, the ox, and the donkey.

These figurines are ideal for believers because they make perfect gifts.

Ceramic animals

There is also good news for animal lovers because it is absolutely possible to make any animal out of clay, from the smallest ones like dogs and cats to the largest ones like giraffes or elephants.

These animals can serve as decorations in your home, as a piggy bank, or as beautiful pots for your plants.

Famous characters

Yes, in ceramics you can make figurines of real famous people. This is very complicated because it takes a lot of practice to make the character look exactly like the person you’re imitating.

Beginners can start with cartoon characters. These are usually easier to make. Once you have enough practice, you can venture into more complicated subjects.

Ceramic bells

Bells are objects that we want to highlight because they are perfect for outdoor decoration. They are very common on balconies, terraces or at the entrances of country houses.

The best thing about making these objects is that you can decorate them however you like, create new designs or copy a style that you like – you can let your imagination run wild.

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Ceramic pencil holder

Pencil holders are among the simplest and most functional objects that can be made with ceramics. If you have already made a cup or a bowl, making this object will be a breeze.

The best thing about the pencil holders is that you can customize them with all sorts of details you want or better yet, you can make them in different shapes as round or square.

One option is to give it the shape of a face of whatever animal you like best or add wings, ears, and a tail. The possibilities are endless and you decide what and how you make it.

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Decoration for festivities made of ceramics

The most common figures of this type are made for the Christmas season. Santas, deer, candles, angels, snowmen, sleighs, houses, penguins, reindeer, trees, and much more are often seen during this time.

Another interesting holiday is Halloween. And while it may seem strange, there are people who love to decorate their homes or businesses for the day.

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For Halloween, you can create pumpkins, ghosts, zombies, spiders, witches, and animated characters like black cats, Dracula and Frankenstein.

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For Valentine’s Day, you can design different gift ideas for someone special. Usually, you see cups or mugs with hearts or messages expressing affection, but you can do a lot more, e.g. B. hearts, dolls to hug, or whatever you can think of.

Ceramic address plates

Surely the plastic or paper address labels you see where you live are actually something very ordinary and unaesthetic.

If you’re looking for a way to dress up your address tag, we’ve got good news for you, because you can make it out of ceramic and decorate and paint it however you like.

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Ceramic fruits

Ceramic fruits are another fantastic idea. Making these pieces is very easy as most of the fruits are round.

These objects are ideal for decorating the kitchen or for the dining table. A tip from us is that you can also make a plate or tray yourself to put your beautiful fruit on.

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Which clay should you use?

All of the objects mentioned can be made of cold porcelain and polymer clay.

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