The 6 Best Pottery Fairs in the World

Today we present you the 6 best ceramics fairs in the world.

Feria Nacional de Alfarería y Cerámica n.a.c.e

This fair was created 12 years ago in Spain with the aim of exhibiting the best pottery work in the world and above all creating jobs. Every year more than 50 potters take part in this fair and exhibit their works in front of hundreds of visitors who visit the fair every year.

In addition to the exhibitions, visitors to the fair can also take part in lectures, conferences, forums and workshops held by special guests who have been active in the world of ceramics for years. What’s better than learning from an expert?

The National Pottery and Ceramics Fair also features musical performances that lighten the atmosphere and make the fair more diverse.

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Date and place of the fair

The fair takes place every year in Navarrete, La Rioja in Spain, usually in mid-July. So keep an eye on the official website where all information about the appointment will be published this year.

Entrance fee

The fair is free for visitors.


The Expoartesanías in Colombia has existed for 30 years and has served from its beginnings until today to promote the talent of Colombian artisans. The fair counts with more than 350 exhibitors.

At this fair, you can find all kinds of ceramics, not only from Colombia but also from other parts of the world.

In addition to ceramic works, a variety of other products are also on display. The fair is generally dedicated to handicrafts and you will find clothes, furniture, indigenous art, and much more.

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Date and place of the fair

Usually, the Expoartesanías takes place in the first weeks of December in Corferias, in the Colombian capital of Bogotá.

Entrance fee

In recent years, entry to the fair has cost 12,000 Colombian pesos.


ExpoHogar in Spain has already taken place more than 63 times. The fair offers visitors the opportunity to see and buy all kinds of handicrafts for the home.

In the ceramics section, you will find crockery in all sizes and colors as well as decorative items such as statues or sculptures, dolls, flowerpots and much more. In addition, visitors can take many more handicrafts made of different materials such as fabric and glass for their homes.

Every year ExpoHogar has more than 150 exhibitors from different corners of Spain and from countries like Germany and Great Britain.

Undoubtedly, this fair is a unique place where potters and artisans can show their talent and lovers of this art can enjoy it.

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Date and place of the fair

This fair takes place every year at the Montjuïc Exhibition Center in Barcelona.

Entrance fee

In the past, ticket prices ranged from €15 in advance to €25 at the box office.

MIDA – Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato

This is the oldest craft fair in Italy. It was founded in 1931 with the aim of promoting crafts as an art form and raising awareness of its importance in the future.

Today, the fair conveys to its visitors the history of handicrafts in the Italian city of Florence and Tuscany. In addition, it supports local and international artisans and their businesses to showcase their creations and the future of craft as something innovative.

Numerous ceramic objects can be seen at MIDA, among which crockery of various sizes, colors, and styles predominates. Visitors to this fair will also find ceramic decorative items such as sculptures.

At this handicraft fair, visitors can not only admire the handicrafts on display but also indulge in culinary delights and attend musical performances.

One of the benefits potters have in attending this show is that they can become part of the MIDA Emporium. It is a new platform launched by the fair to support the businesses of artisans participating in the event.

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Date and place of the fair

This fair takes place every year in April or May at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, a historic place where major events have always been held.

entrance fee

Admission to this great craft fair costs between €6.00 and €10.00.

The fair is free for children under 12 and people with disabilities.

Autumn Fair / Spring Fair

It is a craft fair held twice a year in the UK, in spring and autumn.

The fair offers artisans the opportunity to exhibit and sell their products. More than 100 international exhibitors are usually present every year.

Another highlight of this fair is that visitors can find products classified into three categories, namely:

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In this section, visitors will find all the articles related to decoration or household items, such as: B. furniture, lamps, pillows, household appliances and more. In the ceramics department, you can see various tableware and utensils with unique designs and various decorative figurines in the form of animals or people.


In this section, you will find clothing and jewelry designed and handmade by the exhibiting artisans. There is no doubt that you would appreciate the talent and innovation of these characters.


As the name suggests, this area is dedicated to offering all kinds of gifts, from toys, books and toiletries to Christmas decorations, party decorations and ceramic figurines.

Date and place of the fair

The Spring & Autumn Fair takes place each year at the NEC Birmingham UK .

The usual months for holding the fairs are February and September.

Entrance fee

The fairs are free, but you have to register on the website.

International Pottery Fair – Argilla Argentona

Every year, the International Ceramics Fair in Spain showcases the talents of more than 50 potters from all over the world to around 30,000 visitors from Barcelona and Catalonia.

All kinds of ceramic objects are usually exhibited at this fair, as well as workshops, competitions, activities involving the public from the youngest to the oldest, as well as film screenings about this ancient and artistic activity.

The International Ceramics Fair also has special guests from other parts of the world such as France and Italy, who will demonstrate live their ceramic making techniques.

Tomada de arteinformado

Date and place of the fair

The fair usually takes place in July in Argentona, Barcelona.

Entrance fee

As the fair takes place in the streets of Argentona, entry is free.

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